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Oddstips Konkurranse - Tipster Competition
Written by oddsfather    Wednesday, 11 May 2011 21:51    PDF Print E-mail

Tipster Konk


Snart skal lansere sin Oddstips Konkurranse. Alle dere der ute får muligheten til å vinne stort og så klart til å bevise at dere egentlig ER vinnere... Under finner dere reglene og alt det som trengs før du deltar i årets Konkurranse. Del dette med venner på Facebook og Twitter og inviter dem alle til å delta! Dette blir gøy ...¨

Vi deler ut til sammen 5000kr

Har du spørsmål ? Spør oss i Forumet.






Nordicbet: 100% Bonus til alle nye kunder og 50% rake back til alle Poker spillere ..

1. General rules is a Betting Community and competition website devoted to sports betting fans in Scandinavia and around the world. Best Tipsters will be rewarded with monthly and yearly cash prizes. It is 100% Free to register and join the ongoing tipsters’ competitions. If you still don’t have an account, register NOW! During registration you will have to fill in the required data to create your Oddsfather profile. Your e-mail, first and last name will remain private. Please give accurate information in order to be eligible for prize payouts.

You can have only one account at Anyone who has more than one account will get a warning and later disqualified. After you register, visit regularly and tip at least on 50% of the BetSlips so you will have more opportunities to WIN our prizes and become member of the Famiglia.


2. Tipping on BetSlips

Log in to start tipping. At your User’s Home page you will find Today's Coupon with available matches for tipping. Select your favorite championships and press 'Show'. Pick your matches, place the stakes (from 1 unit to 100) and Submit.


BetSlip availability, closing time and editing

Every BetSlip has its own unique number, date, and closing countdown timer. The start (kick off) time of the matches is based on GMT +1 (Greenwich Mean Time +1).

Betslips are usually available for tipping a few days before the closing date. Betslips can be added at anytime and until 1 hours before its closing time.


Stake and Bankroll

The starting Bankroll is fixed to 1000 unit in total. We do love Bonuses our selves and therefore every player will be getting a Bonus of 100 units everyday to keep him/her self up and running for the big prizes we share. You are the boss of your Bankroll and can manage it the way it fits your way of betting. Feel free to test and try different strategies and staking plans and do not hesitate to discuss it with friends in our FORUMS.


Tipping and tips

The types of tipping are 1 (Home), X (Draw), 2 (Away), Over 2,5 and Under 2,5.

You can select more tips than just one. For instance you can tip on a 1 (Home win) and an Over 2,5 on the same match but you are not able to bet on Over 2,5 and Under 2,5.



Odds used in the Betslips are Decimal (European) odds.

1.20 (decimal) = 1/5 (fractional ) 1.40= 2/5, 1.50=1/2, 1.80=4/5, 2.00=1/1, 3.00=2/1, 5.00=4/1, 10=9/1,

Decimal odds multiplied by your stake equals the payout (winnings plus stake back). 100Units x 1.50odds=150 Units Payout

Earnings (or Winnings) are calculated when you subtract the stake from the payout. 150 Units Payout – 100 Units stake = + 50 Units Earnings

In other words, the odds show how many units the bookmaker pays out per unit staked.

(If a match is canceled the odd is 1.00 regardless of the selected tip, which gives you back the total stake per that match.)


BetSlip Outcome

Played BetSlip’s outcome can be Won, Lost or Draw.

A Betslip is considered Won when the earnings are positive (+), (greater than zero).

A Betslip is Lost when the earnings are negative (-)

In some occasions a Betslip can be a Draw. This can happen when playing the system singles or if every tipped game in the slip is canceled.

Draw Bet slips are considered as played for the ranking criteria but are not taken into account when calculating the ranking parameters.


BetSlip System

Currently there is available only one system for tipping; That system is the Singles.

The System Singles means that you play every match you tipped as a single one, whereas the total stake of 100 units (Max Bet) can be used or you can follow you staking plan and the percentage of your bankroll or by just using a flat stake.


3. Tipsters Ranking

Regular Tipsters at will be ranked: currently, every month and later on maybe in longer periods but then we will come back at you with more infos.


Ranking by Earnings

This category is considered as a primary (the most important) category at and the winner in this category is the overall winner (or The Best Tipster). Earnings of a wining betslip are calculated when the stake is subtracted for the total payout. The total payout is calculated when the total odds of the betslip are multiplied by the sake of the amount of units placed on a bet.. A lost betslip brings you negative earnings of the placed unit per match (Lets say -100).


Ranking by Profitability

Profitability is a percentage calculated when you divide the total earnings with the total stakes during the month (and than multiplied by 100%). In the financial world this ratio is known as ROI (Return on investment). It shows what would’ve been your profits if you invested 100Units. The higher ranked Tipsters have a higher ROI percentage. The tipsters trying to win this category will have to remember playing to 30 matches as it is needed and win as often as possible to keep the return of his investment high. In case the


Ranking by Bankroll

The highest bankroll of a tipster will give this Tipster the first prize. The more you win the bigger the Bankroll. To win this category you have to try to win every possible slip you play. Therefore its important that you have a strategy and staking plan. Feel free to share the way of your play by posting articles in your Blog inside your profile at the Betting Community.


Ranking by Efficiency

The efficiency of a tipster shows the percentage of won betslips of all played. Higher Efficiency, higher rank. ?The efficiency is calculated when the number of won tickets is divided by number of played tickets. (Draw betslips are not considered in this calculation but are considered as played for the ranking criteria of 50%).??


The criterion for winning the prizes

- To rank for the monthly prizes all Tipsters must place at least 30 Betslips (matches) of all available betslips during that month in order to rank and be eligible to win prizes. (A betslip is considered played regardless of its outcome (Won, Lost or Draw)).

- All Tipsters will have to Register at Nordicbet to be able to recieve the Prize (money) in to your account there. We would like you to do us a small favor and Register through our Banners or simly by clicking HERE.

 - Any winning will need to be wagered subject to normal bonus requirements, which means that you will have to roll your winnings 3 times on odds higher than 1,50. See Rules of Nordicbet here or directly Contact Nordicbet regarding this issue.


P.S: English language has been used to refer the necessary informations, since its the official international language of our multinational and multicultural Community with visitors from all around Europe.


Nordicbet: 100% Bonus til alle nye kunder og 50% rake back til alle Poker spillere ..

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