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Nordicbet - Unfair behavior ?
Written by oddsfather    Friday, 29 October 2010 14:44    PDF Print E-mail

Nordicbet - Unethical?

The team of Oddsfather loves being honest even thought the game is already way too dirty than what most of you even can imagine. The question raised in this case and the reason why we post this unethical and unfair behavior is to give Nordicbet the opportunity to give us and the player who is complaining about it a chance to apologize and/or explain themselves!



So here is the case provided by Bjørnar :


Nordicbet - Unethical


Vil fraråde alle å spille for Nordicbet.
Jeg satt en 100-lapp i går og fikk utbetalt 850 kr. Litt seinere på kvelden ble disse trekt tilbake igjen fordi spillet plutselig ble kanselert. Kampen gikk som den skulle. Ikke noe tribunekaos, kampfiksing, osv. Nordicbet følte de hadde satt for høy odds og trakk tilbake pengene fra meg.

English : I placed a 100 NOK bet and won 850 NOK back. A bit later last night this bet got cancelled and Nordicbet got the money back by cancelling the bet. The game was played normally, no trouble in the stadium or any official sign of a fixed game. Nordicbet estimated afterward that the odds offered were way to hight and my bet was cancelled after the game.


So Nordicbet representatives what is your version of the story? Our and generally the Betting Community is waiting for an explanation.

The answer is here :


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